For women who are ready to expand their wealth
Want more safe space,  justice and financial independence (not co-dependance) for women? Me too. Let's help one million women get financially resilient.  Come as you are, you belong here...
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Do you have a love, hate relationship with money?

I hear you, you want:
  • To drop the money shame
  • ​To achieve financial freedom and build your business revenue and personal brand
  • ​To create more wealth with ease and flow and put more savings into your bank account 
  • ​To hold onto more wealth (quit those overspending, overgiving and overhoarding cycles)
  • ​To have strong financial foundations that support your growth and expansion
  • ​To have investment and savings pots overflowing 
  • ​To set financial goals and actually stick to them
  • Feel like you are forever chasing the numbers 
  • ​Throwing money away
  • Self sabotaging and playing small 
  • Wanting to make more profit for YOU
I hear you.
We often spend so many hours ON our businesses we don't take the time to focus on what really makes the difference.


Taking your business growth to the next level is scary! I hear you.

With each new level it brings about a new paradigm shift.
  • A shift in mindset
  • ​A shift in energy
  • A shift in focus
Business is not about getting everything perfect! It is the small steps of imperfection that will help you grow. Plus the magic money mindset that will support you to feel deserving to make money, keep it and grow it!
There is no cookie cutter approach to business and there is no cookie cutter to wealth creation.

But one thing is important and that is about creating sustainable wealth. Focusing on your profits, not your sales.

But it is when a group of women leaders come together, powerful change happens.

Collaboration over competition.

Expand Wealth, income and impact in your business 

Expel those self limiting beliefs and be held in a safe space

Experience support within an intimate community

Now is your time. You are ready to be a Wealthy Woman. 

Who is the Wealthy Woman Experience for? 

Female entrepreneurs with existing businesses who want personalised support, integration and a powerful experience of both practical and mindset support to reach your financial freedom goals. 

You do not need to be earning a minimum amount but you do need to be committed to showing up for yourself and for others in this Mastermind. 

We believe in supporting women of all levels of wealth to up level to their next level of Wealth.

"I had my best month's income ever in my business."

Amongst other things, I had my best month's income ever in my business. I went from an employees mindset to a CEO mindset. I got a personal and business financial plan sorted, I got a strategy for building my audience, building my email list and my credibility as the go to in my industry. I met the most amazing women. Working with Catherine has been the best investment I've ever made.

- Emma Gosling

What you get:

(Quarterly) 90 Min 1:1 Support with Catherine
Wealth Strategy + Deep Money Trauma Support using her signature methods

Get personalised support from Catherine, a Multi Award winning and multi 6 figure Entrepreneur to plan out your strategy and heal your money traumas - Value £9,000

(Weekly) Group Wealthy Woman Online Mastermind

Online masterminding with Catherine (3 weeks of the month and 1 week for implementation) to get laser coaching and strategic support - Value £20,000

24/7 Access

Grow your wealthy woman mindset and wealth with 'on the go' access with a Private Slack Channel 
Value Unlimited 

Access to 7 and 8 figure experts

Guest experts in mindset, sales, strategy and wealth creation 
Value Unlimited 

Access to Slack channel to be supported

Access to an intimate exclusive slack channel for support from Catherine and her team 
Value £1997

The Wealthy Woman Hub

Access to the Wealthy Woman Hub - Access to Video trainings / templates / planning boards/ journalling questions and audios to help you deserve more wealth, hold onto more wealth and grow more wealth 
Value Unlimited 

Regular Tech Clinics

Regular group tech clinics for tech support from Catherine's Operations and Marketing team, for those moments that you get tech headaches! 
Value £450

Quarterly Investing Circle Sessions

 Learn how to invest and 'Grow your Wealth' - then track our wealth together with regular wealth check ins. We will also choose a cause or charity we want to support collectively and invest as a collective to grow the impact we have in the world. 
Value £2,000

A Wealthy Woman Gift 

A gift - To represent a woman Stepping into wealth
Value - It's a surprise!

3-Day Group Immersion Experience Event 

Access to a 3 day face to face intimate Wealthy Woman Immersion Experience (flights and accommodation not included) 
Value £5,000

Guest Spot on 'In her financial shoes' Podcast

Guest spot on Catherine's Global top 1% podcast 'In her financial shoes' to give you exposure to higher levels of impact.  
Value £2,000

 What we stand for: 


    Normalising wealth for all women


    Creating a safe space and justice for women 


    Collective contributions to grow our planet and giveback - Give more to receive more wealth - give as a collective to charities or projects that we want to support and align with our values 

Meet Your Mentor

About Catherine 

Hi I’m Catherine. Most often found in my fave PJ's, tea lover (builders for the win), and not-so-secret Cath Kidston addict.

I am here to create more safe space and justice for women.
As a Financial Adviser, Coach and expert in several money healing modalities, my gift is to help you heal your money trauma and step into wealth®. 

I am on a mission to help one million of us become financially resilient, so together we can create a world that’s full of safe, healthy, wealthy women who aren’t afraid to trust their intuition and follow their bliss.

I am a qualified Financial Planner, Certified Financial Coach, Certified Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Financial Abuse Specialist ® and a Trauma of Money Method ® Facilitator.


Save £3000 + get complimentary access to The Wealthy Woman School digital course worth £1997

Spread The Investment

Investment In Full
Quarterly 90 Mins 1:1 Personal Strategy Session With Catherine 
Value £9,000

Investing Circle Sessions
Value £2000

Weekly (3 weeks per month) Online Video Group Mastermind Calls
Value £20,000

Access to The Wealthy Woman Hub - video trainings to help you grow your income and wealth
Value £10,000

Access to our Wealthy Woman School ® Digital Programme
Value £1997

1 x Retreat in Jersey
Value £5,000

Total Value £47,997
6 x Instalments
Quarterly 90 Mins 1:1 Personal Strategy Session With Catherine
Value £9,000

Investing Circle Sessions
Value £2000

Weekly (3 weeks per month) Online Video Group Mastermind Calls
Value £20,000

Access to The Wealthy Woman Hub 
Over 20 trainings to help you grow your income and wealth
Value £10,000

1 x Retreat in Jersey
Value £5,000

Total Value £46,000

"After the first session I put away £2700 in 10 days."

After the first session I put away £2700 in 10 days. January will be my biggest month in revenue ever. I now have more purchases for myself now but from a place of love because I AM WORTHY and deserve them. 

- Sophie Deardon


"When i began this journey in 2018 to shifting from debt into wealth creation and abundance, I was lacking the financial skills to make every pence work for me rather than me continually working for it. I had consistent overdraft, credit card bills and zero savings. Even through the uncertainty and unpredictability of this year I have cleared all overdraft, halved my credit card bills and rest is being paid off on 0% interest, have saved over £150 per month on my mortgage. I have a healthy start to my savings fund and have many little pots which have been so valuable especially when the washing machine went on the blink and had to be replaced. I didn't have to worry where to get the money from as there was a pot filled with money for such surprises. I have even begun to invest and in a short space of time, that little pot is growing well. Some of the challenges I initially faced was just acknowledging and taking control of my finances, working on the mindset around money and having the knowledge and skills to make better decisions.  

Thank you again for your guidance. The skills you taught me have genuinely helped get through this year better than I started it."

Rekha Rampersad, General, Nov 2020
"Working with Catherine has helped me to take back control of my finances. Her blend of coaching and expert advice is perfectly suited to what I need right now. She helps me get underneath my fears and helps me to understand my unconscious spending drivers. This has helped to put me in a more empowered position to make decisions on my spending. She has introduced me to practical tools that inform me so that I have visibility where I was previously in the dark. I am feeling empowered and proactive around my finances for the first time (I'm 43!!!). Having the support and accountability through our sessions has been transformational. Thank you again for your help and guidance. 

Caroline Doran
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